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       OUR GOAL: To Provide A Phenomenal Estate Sale Experience

      OUR MISSION: To offer our clients compassion, respect, honesty and professional extraordinary quality service, while obtaining the highest market value for your estate items during this life transition.

      We Offer A Full Array of Services Tailored To Fit Each Client's Needs. 

  • At United Estate Sales of America, we conduct estate liquidations for families and businesses' throughout Southern California, Las Vegas AND THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES.. We have been in business for many years and love to help others.


  • By going to an estate sale, you are going directly to an antique store's source where you can browse a business or household of furnishings, tools and accessories. By viewing our on-line photos, you can save time by getting a glimpse before you go. Make sure you bring along a wish list, room measurements and fabric or paint swatches for reference. Most of all, have fun!

  • Please make sure any company you decide to use is covered properly to protect you.

   Bobby Duncan

Bobby Duncan, Owner of United Estate Sales of America has been an estate sale consultant for over 25 years and working full time in the industry since 2008. While in college Bobby was intrigued by a female classmate always dressing differently every single day.  When he asked her secret she said, “Yard sales and thrift shops.” That weekend Bobby went to his first thrift shop and found a cool button-down shirt, bought it and was hooked.


One day while looking for cool retro clothes in a thrift shop he spotted a 1950s formica mint green table. That was marked for only $14.00.  Bobby Bought it and that weekend held a yard sale and was amazed that within 1 hour someone bought the table for $100.00. They put it in their shop and sold it that week for $250.00.  Bobby got the fever of the find. 


Then one day he was asked to help hold an estate sale for a friend of a friend and he said sure.  And that began Bobby’s history in the estate sale industry.


Bobby is nationally certified in Customer Service Training, is a former College Professor in Communication and Public Speech, and holds a Master’s of Science in Communication and Public Address from the University of North Texas.


To keep current on different aspects of the buy resale industry he attends, storage auctions, goes to flea markets, 2nd hand stores, thrift shops, yard sales, rummage sales estate sales and auctions. He looks at trends on online sites to keep up with pricing trends and product demands.


Come experience, benefit and make money for you with Bobby and the United Estate Sales of America.

Serving the Las Vegas, NV and Southern California Area and Beyond.

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