Our Next Sale -


North Las Vegas, NV 

October 7th - 9th, 2022

Friday          10/07/2022     8am to 2pm

Saturday     10/08/2022     8am to 2pm

Sunday        10/09/2022     9am to 1pm


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Hello and welcome to another exciting estate sale.  This one is a must-attend and well worth the drive.

The family asks that everyone please wear a mask to attend.  They are still residing in the home.

Jam-Packed Exciting Estate Sale  


Corning ware, Bells Collection, and more...


Beautiful Glass Showcases, Bedroom set, Chaise Lounge, dining table
and chairs, coffee tables, end tables, vintage chairs, couch, and more...


 It is packed. Lots of Tools, lawn and yard equipment, ladder, cleaning
supplies, and more...


Pots, Pans, silverware, utensils, the pantry, glassware, dishes, kitchen
linens, clear glass, small appliances, and more...

CLOTHES:  LOTS OF shoes, LOTS OF Purses, LOTS OF Women’s Clothes, Sunday Hats that are spectacular, pants, beautiful fur coat, and more... 


Watches and LOTS of jewelry


Towels, washcloths, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, comforters, and more...


Lamps, Office supplies, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies, garage
supplies, laundry items, frames, vases, and more...


Mirror, and more...


lots of books, and more...


DVDs, CDs, VHS, TV, printers, microwave oven, and more...



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Friendly Reminders to Make the Sale Run smooth.

- Please bring smaller bills for small sales and larger bills for larger sales
- Be respectful of neighbors
- All sales are final and sold as is so no returns, no warranties, no exchanges, no guarantees, no exceptions
- We reserve the right to refuse entry or service
- Blue tape over cabinets, drawers & doors means do not enter or open
- Please follow the parking rules and signage of the street. We are not responsible if you get a ticket
- Enter at your own risk a jam-packed home
- Due to the nature of this event, no small children or pets or purses or no coats or multiple pocket clothing permitted
- Please provide your own help for moving large items we will not be able to at this sale
- There are no public bathrooms.
- We will only hold an item for up to 30 minutes with a deposit if you need to go to the bank.
- There will be a holding area. We do our best to keep an eye on it however there are no guarantees
- A sign-up sheet will be put out by us at 6 am on Friday morning. No other sign-up sheets will be honored.
- Please be patient when cashing out. At times there will be a line, questions, etc. all at once. We are smiling and going as fast as we can.
- We appreciate your positive suggestions.
- Our team is a wonderful fun upbeat positive group of people.
- Like our page on Instagram and Facebook and website
- We do not give pricing out prior to the estate sale.

- Have A Great Time!!!